Cotton Linen Modern Baskets for Storage and Decorative

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Our cotton and linen modern storage and decorative baskets brought to you by Dekal Home Co., Ltd. We pride ourselves on offering high quality home décor products and these modern baskets are no exception.   Made from durable and sustainable cotton linen material, these baskets are perfect for storage and decorative purposes in any room in the home.

Our modern baskets are thoughtfully designed to be both functional and stylish.   Not only does the natural cotton and linen material add a touch of elegance to any space, it also ensures the durability and longevity of the basket.   Whether you need to organize your living room, bedroom or office, these versatile baskets are the perfect solution for organizing and beautifying your surroundings.

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Item Number: DKSBW0012

Material:  Corn skin and water plants

Product Size: Diameter27cm x High26 cm

The woven handle basket is made from high-quality materials, made from corn husks and aquatic plants, creating a unique and eco-friendly design. These natural materials give the basket a rustic look and feel, perfect for those who like to bring a touch of nature indoors. The intricate weaving technology used in its construction ensures durability and longevity, making it a practical and sustainable choice.

At DEKAL HOME, we prioritize quality and sustainability, and our woven handle baskets are no exception. Designed to stand the test of time, this basket is both stylish and functional. Bring a touch of nature to your home with our woven handle baskets and turn any space into a cozy and welcoming sanctuary.

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